Products and Services

GRUPO D.M.E SEGURIDAD S.L presents itself as a leader within the Services sector having more than 17 years experience in the sector.

The entry into force of the Law of Private Security has caused profound changes in the organization and structure of this activity, for which all companies in the industry and his staff must be prepared and properly trained to meet the requirements set the new legislation.

Therefore, GRUPO D.M.E SEGURIDAD S.L. (Malagueña Distribuidora de Explosivos) Enterprise Security wants to provide qualified personnel for such functions Surveillance and Security, Transport of Explosives, Explosives custody, etc. at the most competitive market without showing reduced the level of quality and customer prices.

We provide our customers best solutions in three broad areas:
Safety and Security.
Transport, storage and safekeeping of explosives.
Ancillary services: cleanings, in control, custodial, maintenance and repairs.