Ancillary Services

The image of a company is crucial in order to potential customers. Leave no stone unturned. D.M.E. SEGURIDAD offers a team of experts in ancillary services. Our goal is to provide effective and quality services to suit your specific needs.

ATTENTION AND INFORMATION users of the facilities (shopping centers, libraries, parking, etc.):

Opening and closing doors. Delivery of correspondence, press and receiving packets. Custody of keys. Customer service within the estate.

Control and Supervision of the installations: Control inputs and nearby the building. Control of building exteriors. Job monitoring by third parties or providers building. Checking correct operation at the end. Monitoring of other Service Building Cleaning, Garden, Swimming Pool, Lifts, etc.
Facilities management: Opening and closing doors of the building. Input and output bins, performing daily cleaning. Delivery of mail, newspapers and no permission for commercial agents. Receive packets, certificates, letters, faxes buro-permission from each customer. Custody of keys to the building community. Keeping private keys to the building permission from each customer. Customer service within the estate.
Functions Maintenance: Maintenance of the entire building (non-technical). Maintenance of landscaped areas: Irrigation Court lawn, etc … (if required). Daily (and cleaning) collection bins. Repairs to the Property: replacement bulbs, fluorescent lighting, etc.
Functions Cleaning Maintenance Cleaning lobby areas. Maintenance Cleaning Garita and outdoor areas. Maintenance Cleaning bins, ashtrays and trash cans. Added Cleaning Service Portals / Building. Parking & Storage Cleaning. Cleaning Landscaped Areas.